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Haider and The Common Man : A Reading of Vishal Bhardwaj's Film in Arthur Miller's Light

There can be little doubt in the fact the Vishal Bhardwaj has established himself in the last few years as one of the foremost imaginative and nuanced film-maker in India. Much of his success can be attributed to his adaptations of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies. The Indian-ness of Mr Bhardwaj's adaptations is what makes the movies so critically and commercially successful in the Indian milieu. This points to the fact that something is universal with Shakespeare's tragedies and with tragedies in general. Shakespeare's works had been adapted in India, in various local dialects since the early days of colonisation. It was the encounter with Shakespeare's work that led us to re-discover the great tragedies of the Indian Classical Era, in an attempt to evaluate Indian literature and to note the structuralist similarities of Indian and European literature. But the effect of tragedy lies in the fall of the protagonist due to some tragic flaw (hamartia). Due to its…